• Prior to starting on your brand you will complete our signature questionnaire so I can understand the look and style you are looking for for your brand
  • We will have a 45 minute strategy session before we start work to create a brand gameplan and to go over any questions you may have
  • We will create a moodboard to capture the style and color of your brand
  • After you approve the final moodboard concept we will create 3 logo drafts 
  • When you select the logo draft concept that you like best, we will create your final primary, alternate, and submark logos
  • We will wrap up your brand by creating a Brand Board that contains your fonts, color pallete, logos, and style choices 


  • Prior to starting on your Squarespace Website Design you will gather your professional images for your website and complete our signature website copy workbook to have all of your materials ready to build your website
  • We will have a 45 minute strategy session before we start work on your website to create a website gameplan and go over any questions that you may have
  • After I have all of your images and copy for your site I will get to work and design your custom Squarespace website in 12 days!
  • Once your Squarespace website is complete and ready to go live, we will have a strategy session where I will train you on how to update and edit your own site
  • It's time to celebrate! We will launch your site together and have a virtual party!